A MARRIED GP who had sex with a patient in his surgery before prescribing her the morning after pill was yesterday suspended for a year.

Dr Peter Rubin, right, sent the mother-of-two a Prada mobile phone for her birthday, gave her children a Wii console, bombarded her with texts and treated her to lunch.

The 53-year-old seduced her at the Woodlands Medical Centre, in Didcot, on Christmas Eve 2007, handed her the emergency contraception tablets and said: “You had better take this or it will be just my luck you will be standing in an antenatal clinic.”

Rubin tampered with her medical notes in an attempt to conceal the affair, which only came to light after he tried to ‘forcibly remove her trousers’ during a consultation four years later.

The father-of-two then phoned the woman, known only as Patient A, and begged her to drop the complaint for the sake of his family.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester said his ‘dishonest and sexually motivated conduct’ was found to have brought the profession into disrepute.

The fitness to practice panel, chaired by Dr Peter Jefferys, stopped short of striking him off the medical register, finding there was ‘not a significant risk’ of him repeating his misconduct.

Dr Jefferys told him: “The panel determined the necessary and proportionate sanction is one of suspension.

“It sends a strong signal to the public and the medical profession that misconduct of the type found against you, including sexually motivated conduct and dishonesty, will not be tolerated.”

The panel decided to impose the maximum 12-month suspension and ordered Dr Rubin to attend a review hearing before he can return to work.

In a separate incident he joked to a 21-year-old student who asked for the contraceptive pill: ‘Come back in or your boyfriend will have to have lots of cold showers.’ The GP then asked her to kiss him on the cheek in a ‘spur of the moment’ lighthearted gesture, which he claimed was not sexually motivated.

German-born Dr Rubin blamed the incident on his ‘foreign sense of humour’, but the fitness to practice panel, chaired by Dr Jefferys, ruled his conduct was ‘sexually motivated’.

Dr Rubin trained in Dublin and qualified as a GP in 1990 and joined the Woodlands practice in 1998.

He was suspended in November 2012 and left the practice the following month.