SIX years after the day they met, one couple married in style at the weekend.

Russ, 47, and Claire Hannan (née Wilson), 38 – who met on a boat in Sardinia on June 6, 2009 – took their guests on a flotilla-style trip after their wedding at the Nag’s Head restaurant in Abingdon on Saturday.

Mr Hannan, 47, a former protection officer for the Queen, said: “While June 6 might be the D-Day anniversary, I will always call it C-Day as it was the date I met Claire (a doctor at Eveltech in Milton Park).

“It was an absolutely stunning day. We got married at the Nag’s Head and then had some lovely photographs taken on the roof of the Town Hall.

“After that we went along the river in a 38ft wooden boat built in 1960, which was decorated with wedding flowers.

“There were four other boats involved and I think that it really represented how we met and our love for sailing as it’s something that really brought us together.”