A DRIVER hit in the face by a cyclist with his helmet says he is completely shocked by the road-rage incident.

Matthew Ambler, from Little Stoke, near Wallingford, was driving home on Tuesday evening when he was forced to slam on his brakes to avoid a rider who had swerved in front of his Vauxhall Corsa.

An argument broke out between the 23-year-old and the cyclist on the A329 Reading Road, between Moulsford Preparatory School and Cranford House.

Mr Ambler said: “There were three cars in front of me and they had already overtaken the cyclist.

“I went to overtake him and had to slam on the brakes. He then walked to the car, opened the door and hurled abuse.

“I got out and he swore at me and said people like me get cyclists killed. He then took his helmet off and smacked me in the face.”

Mr Ambler said he defended himself before getting into his car and driving off.

He added: “I have only been driving since April and it’s a bit of a shock. I want him to be found so he cannot do it again.”

Thames Valley Police said the incident happened at about 7pm. The bicycle was damaged when Mr Ambler drove over it after the incident.

The cyclist was in his early 40s, of medium build and about 5ft 9ins, with light-coloured, medium-length hair. He was wearing an orange cycling vest, orange shorts and red cycling shoes. The bike was black with yellow writing.

Mr Ambler sustained a small cut and swelling to his lip.