A killer texted his friends saying he loved them and he had done what he had to do before hanging himself, an inquest heard today.

Oxfordshire coroner Darren Salter said Jed Allen texted his friends a message at around 7pm on the night his mum, half-sister and mum's partner were found stabbed.

The text read: "I haven't got much time, they know.

"I am nothing more than worthless. I have done what I have to do.

"Please don't cry for me. I love you very much."

A note was found in Vicarage Road, where Janet Jordon, her daughter Derin, and partner Philip Howard were found stabbed with Allen's hunting knife.

Mr Salter today returned a verdict of unlawful killing at the inquest into their deaths at Oxford Coroner's Court. 

A post mortem examination found that killer Jed Allen had no trace of drink, drugs or steroids in his system when he was found dead, an inquest heard.

An inquest into Allen's death, also held today, was told that he was found hanged in a wooded area off Marston Ferry Road on Monday, May 25.

Dr Nicholas Hunt told the inquest that the 21-year-old's injuries were entirely consistent with being hanged by the neck.

He said there was no evidence of third party involvement in the apprentice gardener's death.

Dr Hunt added: "The injuries would be entirely consistent with those a of a self-suspended hanging."

The inquest today heard that Allen had been referred to mental health service and diagnosed with depression.

He had been on a course of antidepressants and told psychologists he had "dark thoughts" about hurting people who had wronged him.

Dr Hunt said Allen, of Marriot Close, Wootton, had small cuts to his hands that suggested he had handled a bladed weapon either defensively or attacking.

He added: "Clearly such injuries could have the potential explanation is that they are defensive injuries.

"The second is he sustained the injuries while wielding a bladed weapon himself, including potentially while struggling to remove the blade."

The inquest heard Allen was caught on CCTV walking along Broadway, Didcot after his family's death on Saturday, May 23.

DS Ali Driver told the hearing Allen boarded a train to Oxford, withdraw £100, then spoke to a friend on the phone until he reached wooded area he hanged himself. He then sent a text to his dad and friends then killed himself.

His body was found by dog walker Elizabeth Ward in a clearing of trees in a wheat field two days later, on Monday, May 25.

Mr Salter said he was satisfied Allen took his own life and recorded a verdict of suicide.

Allen was hunted by more than 100 police officers for almost two days after the bodies of his mother, sister and his mother’s partner were found on the Saturday night.

Allen – a gardener who worked for Didcot Town Council and had posed with weapons in social media pictures – was found by members of the public at 5pm on a day later in a wooded area off Marston Ferry Road.

Herald Series:

  • Tributes left at Vicarage Road after the murders

The family had only moved in to the Vicarage Road home about two months ago. Their previous address was in Wensum Drive on the Ladygrove estate in Didcot and Allen – Ms Jordon’s son – was known to stay with them.

Brightly coloured ribbons tied carefully around posts on the streets of Didcot have become a symbol of solidarity in the town.

In tribute neighbours and friends coiled ribbon around lamp posts and fences in a show of respect and remembrance.

The ribbons joined dozens of flowers, cards and cuddly toys left near the murder scene in Vicarage Road by not just loved ones, but also by complete strangers who were compelled to show their grief.