RESIDENTS ensured less household rubbish would be sent to landfill when they turned up at a Sustainable Wallingford swap shop.

Hundreds of people enjoyed the session at the Regal Centre on Saturday to swap unwanted household goods.

Peter Bonthrone, 56, of Wantage Road, a volunteer for Sustainable Wallingford, said: "Hundreds of people came and the beauty of it is that no one pays a penny for anything.

"No money changes hands and everything that is brought in is recycled so it's great for the environment.

"Everything that goes out the door we weigh so we know how much we are saving from going to landfill."

Mr Bonthrone said all sorts of odd items were donated to the swap shop.

He added: "There are children's books, toys and DVDs, all sorts of things.

"Someone brought in a wheelbarrow with a hole in it but another man took it away because he thought he would be able to use it on his allotment.

"We try to stage these swap shops every few months and they are great fun. I took home a lawnmower from one swap shop."