THE charity set up in memory of inspirational five-year-old Skye Hall have urged fundraisers to come up with whacky and wondering ideas as part of their latest mission.

Aim Skye High has been launched by Blue Skye Thinking this week to raise £50,000 as they continue to fund research and treatments into childhood brain tumours.

The charity is hoping fundraisers can come up with "out of the box, crazy, and original" ways to reach the target because "it’s exactly what Skye would have done".

Launching their latest appeal, Mrs Hall said the aim was fund a researcher to continue to find treatments and cures.

She added: "Inspiration was the open-minded thinking Skye had in bucket loads.

"When he was faced with paralysis he was never put off by obstacles and just came up with a way of completing a task."

Skye, of Abingdon, died in August 2014 from the effects of the treatment he received after battling a brain tumour for a year.

Since then, the five-year-old’s parents Sally, 38 and Andrew, 44, have campaigned to raise money for research into new treatments to tackle childhood cancers.

Mrs Hall added: "We hope that fundraising ideas will be a little crazy, a touch unconventional, and really original.

"It could be something that no one’s ever thought of or done before, or it could be a new twist on an old favourite.

"There is a real buzz of excitement with the possibilities and we hope it encourages people who have always thought about doing a fundraising activity actually stepping up and joining in."

The charity's previous campaigns have seen them build the world's longest loom bracelet band – which could reach the moon – and raised about £200,000.

The previous world record for the longest Loom Band was 1,473.90m but Skye’s band smashed that by 8.5 times over with a whopping 12, 529.40m – verified by the Guinness book of Records as the Longest Loom Band Bracelet.

Ideas such as holding a garden party inside or climbing Kilimanjaro having been in a wheelchair are some which have been set up on the Aim Skye High fundraising webpage.

The campaign will run until April 2017.

Mrs Hall said: "We are hoping more and more people find more and more inventive ways to raise money as the year progresses.

"All we ask is that you add your creativity and inspiration. By participating, it will demonstrate the power of Blue Skye Thinking because the more out of the box it is, the more talked about it will be, and it’s exactly what Skye would have done."

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