FORMER MP Nicola Blackwood launched a scathing attack on the county council and its management of the roads after a ‘chaotic’ journey into Oxford.

The former Oxford West and Abingdon MP, who lost her seat last year, said the Government was right not to devolve further powers when Oxfordshire County Council ‘just keeps getting it wrong’ with its current responsibilities.

She posted on Twitter: “Chaotic journey into Oxford tonight - lanes closed, gridlock, very dark with poor signs and several accidents.

“No sign of any actual work being done.”

She ended her post with the hashtag #must try harder.

Oxfordshire County Council said it had asked Ms Blackwood which route she was taking and for more specific details of the problems she encountered.

The council is responsible for most of the county’s roads while major roads – the A34 and M40 – are under the control of Highways England.

But her complaints were addressed by Conservative county councillor Liam Walker, who suggested she travelled by train instead.

He said: “Sounds so ‘chaotic’ - lanes are closed for work to be done safely.

“It generally is dark at night this isn’t the fault of the council.

“Other drivers seem to be able to see signs - and accidents are not the fault of Oxfordshire County Council.”

He added: “Perhaps get the train if it’s all so bad on the roads.”