A FREE guide with top tips on running high-quality and successful cooking sessions has been published for Oxfordshire groups.

The Good Food Cooking Framework was commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council’s public health team to ensure cooking courses are of the highest quality and cover the latest government guidance.

The booklet has been prepared by Good Food Oxford – an umbrella group for 130 organisations promoting healthy, sustainable food.

The 72-page booklet is aimed at organisations and teachers across the country who will be able to plan, host and lead cookery sessions.

Author and speaker Anna Pitt works in primary and secondary schools across the county and called the Good Food guide her ‘buddy’.

She said: “I’ve been planning and running training for nearly 30 years, so I have plenty of experience to draw on, but I’m often asked for new courses for ‘unknown’ audiences in a hurry.

“That very thing happened on the same day I first heard about the Cooking Framework, so I decided to give it a test run.

“I worked my way through the framework, which helped me decide whether the session I was dreaming up would meet the needs of various people attending the course, and would also meet with the approval of the likely funding bodies, and organisations that would be involved.”

Hannah Fenton of Good Food Oxford said: “It is really tough to put together cooking sessions which follow all the government guidance that are fun, accessible and teach a range of different skills.

“Feedback has been really positive with more organisations and facilitators interested in using this framework.

“The framework is for people who do community cooking events and workshops, to make sure they include all relevant and reliable information so the session they offer is of high quality.”

Hilary Hibbert-Biles, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for public health and education, said: “Cooking is such an important skill for life and everyone in Oxfordshire needs to be confident to cook in a healthy way.

“We know that being able to cook not only saves money but also leads to a healthier lifestyle.”

To use the guide visit goodfoodoxford.org/gfcf