CHILDREN enjoyed brisk jogs before class and calming stretches in yoga as their school championed healthy minds and bodies.

Pupils at Harwell Primary School got to enjoy a series of special sport and wellbeing sessions last week, including workshops with double Olympian Montell Douglas.

Bryn Gibson, headteacher of the 191-pupil school near Didcot, said: "We are constantly exposed in the media to children not being as active as they once were and increasing rates of obesity.

"We know the more active children are, the better children do academically, so it's win-win.

"Having a week where children focus on being physically and emotionally healthy is a good way of bringing it all together.

"It's part of the curriculum in terms of being healthy and talking about how bodies work, and thinking about nutrition.

"But there is also that wider social responsibility to teach children to look after themselves."

Pupils ran around the school grounds each morning last week for the Daily Mile, a national schools scheme which encourages children to exercise.

They also enjoyed cookery with members of Harwell Women's Institute, making healthy treats such as cauliflower base pizzas, black bean brownies and prune cookies.

Pupils also had access to a 'reflective space' where they could find some quiet time.

Mr Gibson said encouraging children to look after their health and wellbeing linked with one of the school's key values of 'responsibility'.

Other core values at the school are respect, resourcefulness and resilience.

Mr Gibson said: "If you can develop resilience to keep trying their best, regardless of what happens along their learning journey, they will pick themselves up and keep trying and looking for those challenges, and keep thriving."

He said the visit from athlete Montell Douglas was part of the enrichment of the curriculum, adding: "It's not just about learning in class but going out on local visits and getting people in.

"It's about bringing the curriculum to life - we want to inspire children to be the best that they can be."

The school in The Styles has its own swimming pool, which children use from reception right through to Year 6.

It is also home to a new outdoor fire pit built by the Scouts, and a sensory garden is set to be installed this week.