A HOME owner at a new estate in an Oxfordshire village says residents have been ‘abandoned’ by the developer with pavements and play areas left unfinished.

Anthony Coates, who lives in Walnut Meadow, Drayton, with partner Melania Rios moved into his house in June last year but was beset by problems from the start.

The 36-year-old said: "There were issues with the condition of the property - the garden was uneven, and there were drainage problems with the driveway."

He added worries over the Miller Homes estate, which is made up of around 70 properties, extended beyond his house, with public spaces and walkways still not finished, saying: “Miller Homes have completely left the development in an unfit and dangerous state and all of us, the residents, have had enough after exhausting all channels.”

Mr Coates, who works in insurance, said the developer assured residents exposed metal fencing, the laying of roads and finishing of public green spaces would all be completed by October but the deadline has long since passed and the work has not been completed.

He said: "We were sold a dream in the brochure but it hasn't lived up to that at all."

The couple have recently welcomed new daughter Sienna and Mr Coates said he didn't think the company appreciated how stressful the situation was.

He explained: "We wanted to have everything sorted before the baby was born."

Mr Coates added he wanted warn others thinking of purchasing a Miller Homes property.

The developer has properties for sale in Oxfordshire at Bradbery Gardens in Didcot and Winterbrook Park in Wallingford, as well as Weaver Fields and Woodlands in Bloxham.

A spokesperson for Miller Homes said: “We are aware there is some work still to be completed in public areas of our Walnut Meadow development in Drayton.

“Aspects of this, including the play area and link footpath to the school, are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks and we are working with our contractor to develop a programme for any additional works which are required.

“We communicated this to all of our customers at Walnut Meadow last Friday, June 29, and advised them that a further update will be provided on progress next Friday, July 13.”