A PRIVATE tutor from Wantage who exposed himself to pupils was caught by a concerned dad sitting outside the lesson who saw what had happened on his smart watch.

John Chapman, of Saxon Place, pulled down his trousers during lessons on the pretence that he wanted to show the three boys scars from burns he had received when he fell into an open fire as a toddler.

The 65-year-old had hosted two pupils at his home in March, driving to a third pupil’s home near Reading where his behaviour was discovered.

He admitted two counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and one count of sexual communication with a child and was sentenced at Reading Crown Court this week.

Helen McCormack, prosecuting, told the court: “When Mr Chapman first came into the house he had three to four shirt buttons undone.

“As the lesson progressed, the boy saw Chapman pull away from his chair and this is when he noticed his penis was showing.

“Chapman kept mentioning his boxers and talking about a skin graft he had had.”

The boy’s father overheard some of the talk and propped his iPhone up against a wall to see footage remotely on his Apple Watch, which was too unclear to see while Chapman was present.

After the tutor left, the boy’s father looked at pictures on the phone screen which clearly showed Chapman’s genitals on display, prompting the horrified parent to call the police.

Miss McCormack said during a search of Chapman’s property, police found six pairs of boys' underwear as well as catalogues of children and young men’s clothing magazines.

Judge Paul Dugdale described Chapman’s actions as a ‘gross abuse of trust’ adding: “You came into their house to teach them, they trusted you, their parents trusted you in the safety of their home.

"You used that opportunity of being alone for your sexual gratification because you have a sexual obsession with boys.”

He added that, as the pensioner had already served four-and-a-half months on remand, no more prison time could be imposed, but ordered him to complete a sex offenders’ course.

Chapman was ordered to sign a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, pay costs and a victim surcharge.