A DOG owner from southern Oxfordshire marked her pet’s birthday in some style at the weekend - and invited local canine pals along to join the fun.

Jess Allen, from Wantage, celebrated Chihuahua Queenie Bear’s third birthday - her 21st in ‘dog years’ - with a ‘pawty’ near Grove Rugby Club, complete with a dog-friendly buffet, gazebo, paddling pool and scented poo bags.

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Pugs, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, Cavapoos, French Bulldogs and Weimaraners were among the guests at the sun-baked, Mexican-themed event on Saturday afternoon.

But there was no sign of the rowdy, tequila-fuelled antics you might expect for a human 21st. Instead, around 20 pooches enjoyed a sophisticated spread of ‘pupcakes’ , 'doggy ice cream', ‘doughmutts’, gravy bones and more from a specialist bakery.

Miss Allen, 30, who is also a dog party organiser, said: "I know I am crazy - this isn’t normal, but it's meant to be a bit of fun... just an excuse to arrange a party.

"I asked people to bring donations for the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary instead of presents. I do it for that really.

"I also do it to socialise the dogs and I am just a dog nut - this is my dream.”

Sass queen 'QB', who is of Mexican heritage, has a history of party antics.

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She previously enjoyed a classy 'high tea' birthday event with dog-friendly scones, but this year the socialite sombrero-wearer significantly expanded her guest list, bringing in canine fans from across the area for the cream of the canine party calendar.

Miss Allen added after the two-hour event: "QB had an absolute blast, she is all pawtied out and having a well deserved birthday nap."

Young human attendee Eva-May Newman, a plus one for dogs Frankie, Manuel and Princess, said: “It’s cool because they have doughnuts for dogs and lollipops for dogs and they also have cakes for dogs.”

The six-year-old, from Abingdon, barked - with various adults in earshot - that she she would love to have a birthday party in a similar vein.

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Natalie Ferris, 25, and Jamie Worth, 36, brought their dog Jurgen along and were impressed by the canine behaviour.

They explained: “It’s such a nice event - its lovely to get dog people together.”

The Sutton Courtenay pair, who know many of the dogs from their pet services business Oxford Pet Whisperers, continued: “It’s nice to see all the customers’ dogs together - they all seem to be getting along well.

“You have to be mindful when there is food and balls but it is going really well.”