BUDDING radio presenters at a junior school in South Oxfordshire have put on their first show of the new term.

Pupils from Fir Tree Junior, in Wallingford, put on the lunchtime gig for fellow students for the first time this year, but are the sixth year group to be given the gig.

Headteacher Nilofer Khan said: “The idea came from the children wanting to have something to entertain them during their lunch. That grew into a little radio programme.

“After a couple of years the students decided to sit in full sight [of their listening friends].

“They play about four songs during an hour. The kind of songs that they play have to be positive.”

Ms Khan said that Shotgun by George Ezra was a current favourite and that children also provided announcements for upcoming events.

She continued: “They trained to read news. We are going to have a Macmillan cafe this year so they [previously] announced that.

“Its just about making them part of the community.

“Its largely about leadership and developing skills.”

A previous radio team want to start a radio show at their new secondary school, Ms Khan added.

Four members of the team, Aidan Eltham, Jakub Jedrzejowski, Emily Carrington and Phoebe Marks – all 10 – are excited to be given the reigns after a group interview with the school.

Jakub explains: “I like the radio team because we get to play music and there are lots of people in the hall.

“When we play music it makes the hall quiet.”

Aidan adds: It’s good to be able to learn about technology.

“The interview was quite stressful but we talked together as a group of three before we answered the question and we picked Jakub because he is technology smart.”

The group said they would encourage all schools to have their own radio show.

Emily said: “It makes us relax and not worry about anything”.