A DAREDEVIL grandmother is back to her hair-raising stunts again after taking on the Spinnaker Tower abseil.

Trish Wagstaff, known for stunts which include wing-walking and shark diving, has taken on the 100m descent in Portsmouth.

As always, the 86-year-old from Appleton, was tackling the gruelling challenges all in the name of charity and for this abseil was raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Mrs Wagstaff said: “I did the same thing years ago for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund but this time I had a friend who died just before Christmas from a massive heart attack. You seem to hear of so many people that drop dead from heart attacks too often, we need to help fund more research.”

The grandmother-of-two managed to raise an impressive £17,637 for the charity which helps fund research into heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors.

The descent down the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth was held on August 25, a week later than planned due to poor weather.

Mrs Wagstaff proved one of the fastest fundraisers on the day and even had a moment to enjoy the view.

She said: “It was a beautiful day for it although we had to leave at 6am to get down there.

“But it was great, I came down fairly quickly and had a wonderful view across to the Isle of White, and saw the very smart new green ferry that launched that day.”

The stunt adds on to a long list of fundraising feats which Mrs Wagstaff has under her belt including paragliding over the Chilterns, swimming with sharks, wingwalking and doing the world’s longest zip line.

The former army wife of the late Peter Wagstaff started her fearless fundraising for various charities after losing her husband - a former major in the Royal Scots.

She says she didn’t want to be sat around feeling sad and instead set her sights on doing a charity wingwalk - which spiralled to include many more stunts.

British Heart Foundation fundraising manager in Oxford Lowri Gerrard said: “You can’t help but be inspired by Trish’s daredevil fundraising. To raise this sum and take on this challenge in her ninth decade is a real feat.

“Trish was one of a number of people doing this abseil, and made one of the quickest descents. About halfway down the wind caught and spun her round, but Trish was completely unfazed, regained control and finished the abseil – she’s a real strong character.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Trish and everyone who supported her. Advances in healthcare are built on discoveries in the laboratory and the money from this event will fund scientists who are working hard to make new lifesaving breakthroughs.”

When asked what was next on the daredevil’s fundraising agenda, Mrs Wagstaff said: “After only just getting over the Spinnaker tower, I think I will rest on my laurels for a bit.”