ARTHUR and Lily were the most popular names for babies born in Oxford last year, official figures show.

The Office for National Statistics said 12 Arthurs had been born in the city in 2017. Arriving some time between January and December, they were joined by 11 Lilys.

Benjamin, George and Harry were the joint most popular names for boys born in West Oxfordshire, where there were 11 born over last year. The 12 Poppys born in that district made that the most popular girls' name.

The ONS said there were 679,106 live births, with babies given 63,697 different names last year.

It said the most popular 10 boys' names were given to 13 per cent of all boys born in 2017.

Meanwhile, 10 per cent of all girls were given one of the names included in the top 10 that gender.

Cherwell's most popular boys' name was Harry – with 19 of those born.

The most popular girls' names in the district were Olivia and Ava, with 14 arrivals named either one of those.

Olivia was by far the most popular girls' name across the country, with 5,204 babies given that first name. It was also the most popular girls' name in South Oxfordshire, where it was used 16 times.

While Oliver, the country's most popular boys' name, was also the most favoured in that district, where 22 boys were called that.

And 23 children born in Vale of White Horse district were called Oliver; 13 girls there were called Amelia.