A scout group from southern Oxfordshire have won the County Patrol Camping competition.

1st Cuckhamsley Scout Troop, based in East Hendred, near Wantage, were commended for their teamwork by judges.

The annual weekend event, held at the Horley Scout Camp site near Banbury, saw more than 40 patrols and 250 scouts take part, with 'giant inflatable table football', extreme lego, inflatable whack a mole, a nerf gun gallery and archery also on offer.

The winning group consisted of Findlay MacGillivray-Edwards, 13, Toby Prescott, 12, Estella Reeve, 11, Sheona MacGillivray-Edwards, 11, Katie Shand, 12, Eve Peach, 12, and Sylvia Wild, 12.

As well as being judged on their camping skills, the patrols participated in a themed cooking competition on open fires, which they had to prepare and plan for.

The camping and cooking was largely independent, but overseen with the support of more than 50 adult volunteers, who also the activities at the rain-hit event earlier this month.

Patrol leader Findlay MacGillivray-Edwards said: “We liked the freedom of not being told what to do. It was challenging but we enjoyed lighting fires, cooking and playing games.”

Team mate Sylvia Wild said her favourite part was in fact the disco.

Dave Walsh, the King Alfred District Commissioner, added: “I’m delighted that Scouts from our District have won this competition.

"We have seen real growth in girls in scouting in our area recently so it is particularly encouraging to see so many girls in the winning patrol.”