A BOY aged just 15 has been arrested by police after a stop and search drugs operation in South Oxfordshire.

Officers arrested the teenager in the village of Chinnor near Thame last night, after seizing a haul of drugs.

Sharing news of the arrest on Twitter last night, the force's South and Vale team wrote: "Fantastic result for Thame and Henley neighbourhood teams.

"15 year old male stop searched for drugs in Chinnor and this is what we found.

"15 year old male arrested, property searched also! You never quite know when we are around!"

An image shared alongside the Tweet showed 23 packets of a substance resembling cannabis, 10 packets containing a white powder, two phones and a gadget that appears to be a small weighing scale.

Officers have been asked to clarify what the boy was arrested on suspicion of.

Police can use stop and search powers if they have reasonable grounds to suspect someone of carrying illegal drugs, a weapon, stolen property or something that could be used to commit a crime. 

Just last month drugs and weapons were seized from a home in Chinnor, resulting in two arrests.

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