THRIFTY fireworks enthusiasts have been labelled 'freeloaders' for finding ways of watching a town's display for free.

Organisers said they wouldn't be able to stage a display in Didcot next year because of the amount of people who chose to watch from a nearby hill, rather than pay to get in.

UPDATE: Did readers agree?

But were they in the wrong or is this an inevitable downside of running a fireworks display?

Should these community events be run on a donation-only basis or be funded by councils so everyone can enjoy them?

Readers voted in our poll, while you can tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

In a controversial Facebook post, Didcot Pyromusical Fireworks said people had shown a lack of respect for not paying the 'measly fee'.

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But readers have been split in their reaction to the news. On Facebook Russell Davies said he thought the so-called 'freeloaders' were sensible, having 'probably got a better view of it all.'

Lee Rainbow added: "This is what happens when you have a massive display in the middle of a housing estate."

Nikki Smith joked: "I was driving and saw the display....does that make me a freeloader? Where do I send the cheque?"

Herald Series:

Some claimed it was necesarry to watch from afar due to health concerns. 

But others defended the organisers, saying people can't expect to enjoy events for free, given the amount they cost to stage.