A WIDOWED artist wants to sell his life's work to support a hospital that helped his late wife.

Painter and former MG worker Ron Willis, 90, wants to fundraise for Oxford's Churchill Hospital by selling an impressive collection of paintings.

From picturesque Oxfordshire landscapes to vintage cars, the great-grandfather's lifelike artwork is currently gathering dust at his Abingdon home.

Mr Willis's late wife Jean Willis died in March 2017, aged 88, after she was diagnosed with cancer of the womb and breast.

He said: "It was a difficult time. I would go up and down the Churchill pushing her about.

"They said she had cancer and we were all prepared for her to have an operation, but then it spread."

The couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary shortly before Mrs Willis died at a nursing home in Burcot.

Mr Willis said his wife wanted to support the Churchill, and he felt selling his art could benefit other patients in need of its care.

The Headington hospital, which is home to Oxford Cancer Centre, is among clinical settings supported by Oxford Hospitals Charity.

Mr Willis hopes his array of paintings can be rehomed, and said all proceeds from any sales would go to the Churchill.

The North Abingdon resident worked at the town's famous MG car plant for 38 years, starting as an errand boy then moving to making aircraft, before being called up for National Service during the Second World War.

He served two years as a private in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, before returning to MG to work in paint mixing, then welding and rectification.

After being laid off when the car factory closed, Mr Willis fell back on his passion for painting and began to sell some of his work.

The father-of-three, who has seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, said: "From my school days I have enjoyed painting, and I've had other hobbies as well like photography.

"I was a keen painter until I retired at 65. I don't know what to do with the paintings now."

Though Mr Willis now has trouble with his legs and is supposed to rest, he said: "I like to work, I don't like sitting in a chair for too long."

He credited the healthcare workers who visit for helping him, adding: "I wouldn't be able to carry on if it wasn't for the district nurses."

Mr Willis is selling a large collection of artwork, from small prints priced at about £10 to much larger 3ft by 4ft paintings, which he hopes to get valued first.

They vary from landscapes to street scenes to portraits, in a range of different types of paints.

Many depict Abingdon or MG cars, though others are of Cornwall and Devon where Mr and Mrs Willis used to enjoy holidays together.

Anyone interested in viewing or buying a painting can email news@nqo.com or call 01865 425429.