RESIDENTS concerned about the plans for a massive Abingdon reservoir have been told to email Michael Gove.

The Wantage and Grove Campaign Group for sustainable development has urged anyone with concerns about Thames Water's plan to contact the Environment Secretary.

The group also advised people to copy in the water company, the Environment Agency and the water industry regulator Ofwat.

Advising followers on some of the problems they might raise with the reservoir plan, the group said: "1) Thames Water have not explained why they favour the reservoir against the cheaper, less environmentally damaging and much shorter time frame of transferring water from the Severn Water.

"2) They haven't said why they need the reservoir, when it will supply less water than they lose through leakage and correcting the leaks would cost far less than the reservoir, and be far more environmentally-friendly.

"3) As the reservoir is above ground, what steps they are taking to limit the damage in the event of a ‘wall failure’."

The group suggested people email Mr Grove at and send copies of their emails to, and