AN ABINGDON Christmas tradition returns tomorrow as Santa and his sleigh get ready to jingle through the town's streets.

Every December the red tinsel-trimmed sleigh is towed behind a car and driven around the town for 10 days.

The festive fun has been organised by Abingdon Lions' Club since the early 1980s, with the sleigh decked with collection boxes to raise money for local charities.

Excitable children can expect to spot Santa and his wooden sleigh from 6-8pm between December 5 and December 19.

The stops will be;

  • Audlett Drive on December 5
  • Sellwood Avenue/South Avenue on December 6
  • Preston Road on December 7
  • Kennet Road on December 10
  • Appleford Drive on December 11
  • Peachcroft north west on December 13
  • Peachcroft south east on December 14
  • Mill Road on December 17
  • Boulter Drive on December 18
  • Hanson Road on December 19