OXFORD West and Abingdon's MP has claimed that 85 per cent of recent correspondence over Brexit has shown support for a 'people's vote' or remaining in the European Union.

Layla Moran says she has received more than 600 letters or emails on the topic since the proposed deal was announced.

Writing on Twitter, the prominent remainer suggested that a further eight per cent was supportive of Prime Minister Theresa May's deal; five per cent was pro-Brexit or no deal and two per cent backed 'other' options, like a Norway or Canada style deal.

It comes ahead of a planned 'show of solidarity' in Oxford on Wednesday.


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Ms Moran has long advocated a second referendum – dubbed a 'people's vote' by campaigners – in line with her Liberal Democrat colleagues.

In Oxford, voters backed remain by around 70 per cent to 30 per cent, while in the Vale of White Horse the margin was closer, at around 57 per cent to 43 per cent.

Pro-European groups plan to converge on Oxford’s Bonn Square at 1pm on Wednesday for speeches and ‘a show of solidarity’ for a second referendum.

The rally was timed to coincide with Prime Minister’s Questions after MPs’ ‘meaningful’ vote on Mrs May’s EU withdrawal deal the night before. But the vote has today been delayed.

Statements will come from representatives of Oxford Region of the European Movement UK, Oxford for Europe, Open Britain, and Oxford European Association.

The European Movement’s Oxford Region chair, Graham Jones, said: "With parliament paralysed and both main parties divided, MPs from both sides of the Commons must come together to insist that the only practical way forward is to put the issue to the people.

"Our rally will be a show of solidarity with the scores of people who called for a People’s Vote in towns across Oxfordshire on Saturday."