A TOWN will celebrate its motoring heritage with a classic car rally on Boxing Day.

Abingdon's Market Place will be filled with MG cars as part of the annual tradition.

It will be the 25th time the event has taken place, having been first organised by car enthusiast John Harris in 1993.

The spectacle, which has in the past seen more than 50 cars take over the town square, will take place from 9.30am.

It will mark Abingdon's link with the iconic MG plant.

The car manufacturer had a factory in Abingdon for 50 years until its closure in 1980, employing generations of residents.

Earlier this year local historian Bob Frampton released a book collecting the forgotten tales of the workers.

He captured everything from war time experiences to the memories of those who had barely begun their careers when it closed. For more information visit abingdon.gov.uk.