VALE of White Horse District Council is facing calls to ban Boxing Day fox hunt meets in Goosey.

The move follow the emergence of footage alleging to show a live fox being prepared for chase at a New Year's Day hunt in South Oxfordshire. 

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Now the League Against Cruel Sports have urged council leader Roger Cox to ‘never again’ allow a Boxing Day hunt near Wantage.

In a letter to Mr Cox, Nick Weston, the League’s Head of Campaigns, argued that hunts create a health and safety hazard, writing: “As you may be aware, violent clashes have taken place between proponents and opponents of fox hunting during recent town-centre hunt meets, after deep-rooted community tensions ran high.

“A number of local authorities have already committed to not allowing hunts to meet or parade on public land under their jurisdiction. With 85 per cent of the public opposing fox hunting, there is clear support for the council to follow these decisions and instead allow only cruelty free entertainment.”

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The League says two foxes were chased to exhaustion by Old Berkshire Hunt members, during hunt meets this season, and claimed witnesses saw one being torn apart by hounds.

Responding to the letter, Mr Cox told the Oxford Mail: "My understanding is that the hunt had permission to use the land... (So) my question was 'do we have any land that they have used'?

"It is a matter between the land owner and the hunt."

Asked about his views on fox hunting generally, he added: "The hunt is important to the rural community and as long as they are abiding by the law I believe they are entitled to do it."