A LETTER detailing a council's concerns about strict parking limits at a shopping centre has now been submitted to the management.

Didcot Town Council delivered the note last week by hand in an attempt to secure' small adjustments' in the limits imposed at the Orchard Centre.

It comes after residents complained the four hour maximum stay in place did not give them enough time, particularly if they were going out for the evening.

In the letter, which has also been published online, the council wrote: "It is quite common for people to come to the Orchard Centre wishing to have an evening out by going to the cinema or theatre and to have dinner.

"Unfortunately, many are unable to do this within a four hour window and are ticketed as a result.

"The town council would expect that it is good business sense to encourage and enable those wishing to make full use of the facilities provided by the Orchard Centre and request that consideration be given to extending the maximum stay to six hours."

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The council also wants a 'no returns within three hours' policy changed because it penalises those who are picking up and dropping off their children.

It has suggested people are given a maximum time in the car park over a 24 hour period instead.

Cinema goers have previously branded the parking arrangements 'ridiculous' after they were fined for over-staying the four hour limit while trying to enjoy a meal and a film.