PUPILS at an Oxfordshire primary school listened to talks from the space, health, police and media industries last week, during a day designed to help them think about their futures.

Millbrook Primary School’s first ever ‘aspirations day’ gave pupils from Reception to Year 6 the chance to hear a variety of speakers talk about their professions and give careers advice.

A police officer, nurse, vet, space sector representative, NHS drug development representative and teacher from around the Wantage area joined an Oxford Mail journalist in talking to pupils about their jobs.

The Grove school said the aim of the aim day was to ‘inspire, motivate and show pupils the huge range of opportunities available to them in the future’.

Headteacher Jane Ratcliffe explained: “The aspirations day has been engaging and enjoyable for everyone at Millbrook and we hope that we have ignited a spark of a dream for the future in every single child.

“We are hugely grateful to all the speakers who gave up their time to help the next generation prepare for their working lives.”

The event also highlighted the pathways and qualifications needed to begin a career.

Speaker Emma Haskett, a business strategy lead, said: “The aspirations day is such a great idea, I had so much fun with Year 5. I spoke to them about innovation and the space sector, as I work for the Satellite Applications Catapult in Harwell.

“Children in Grove have a fantastic opportunity to be part of one of the most vibrant space clusters in Europe. That’s why raising awareness of that opportunity is so important.”

During the course of the day, children also completed a range of engaging follow up activities – and reflected on their learning with their peers and teachers.

Year 6 pupil Paige Warden explained: “First I wanted to be a lawyer, then I changed because you have to help bad people. (Now) I want to be a therapist and work with people with multiple personality disorder. I learned about it and did a bit of research about it.

"I've enjoyed today and it's really fun to know that our school is behind you so they can encourage you and help you make the right decision.”

Fellow Year 6 pupil Luke Anders added: “I would like to be quite a few things but maybe an actor because I like movies and some the behind the scenes stuff.

“I think aspirations day is a cool idea because it gives other people ideas of what they might want to be.

"I also think it's pretty cool because we get to hear stories of people and how it worked out for them."