A TRAIN driver halted a late-night service after being abused by an angry resident.

The 10.26pm service to Henley last Monday came to a stop at Shiplake as the woman driver had been 'verbally abused' by another woman whilst waiting to depart from the station.

The later 11.03pm service from Twyford, Berkshire, was also cancelled as a result.

Sources say that the driver had been shouted at by a resident of Shiplake, who stormed the cabin in a rage because she was regularly disturbed by the sound of train horns late at night and had difficulty sleeping.

Drivers must sound the horn as they approach a foot crossing to the south of Lower Shiplake and again before leaving the station northbound as there is immediately a level crossing. A number of accidents occurred at the crossing before barriers and CCTV were installed in 2013.


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Passengers on the abandoned service were told it had been scrapped and they were sent to wait for taxis organised by train operator Great Western Railway (GWR). Some were able to catch a later service as a replacement driver was found.

A GWR spokesman said: “We are very sorry that we had to cancel services because one of our drivers was verbally abused by a member of the public. In accordance with rail safety standards, our drivers have to sound the horn as they approach a level crossing, which has frustrated some local residents living near the line. We will continue to work with Network Rail to find a suitable solution."

“Customers who were delayed may be entitled to compensation or a refund on the cost of their journey and we would urge them to get in touch.”