A POLICE officer accused of having sex with another officer while he was on duty will face bosses at a disciplinary hearing next week.

PC Alan Russell, who was based at Abingdon Police Station, has already resigned from Thames Valley Police. His resignation will be effective from Tuesday.

It is alleged PC Russell had sex while he was on duty with another officer in August 2017.

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He is also accused of 'initiating contact' with a woman suspect despite being the investigating officer in her case in February 2018.

It is also alleged that he had sex with the woman in May 2018. It is unclear whether the woman remained a suspect at that point.

The force says accusations are so serious that if proven in a two-day hearing scheduled to finish by Thursday that he will have committed gross misconduct.

It is also unclear whether the other officer PC Russell was accused of having sex with was on duty at the time.

Last August, PC Russell is also accused of missing a meeting with a superintendent and a misconduct interview, 'despite being issued with lawful orders to do so.'

The hearing will take place in public at Thames Valley Police's headquarters in Kidlington from Wednesday.

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Its panel will include a legally-qualified chairwoman, Nicola Talbot-Hadley.

Space to attend the hearing is limited – but there will be space for six people, including press. To attend, members of the public must register by emailing Thames Valley Police's professional standards department at misconducthearings@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

All registration must be completed by midday on Tuesday.

Anyone attending won't be allowed to record to film the hearing's proceedings; they might be searched before it.