WITH the recent snow and first hints of spring Oxfordshire has been looking particularly picturesque lately.

Camera Club members have been out capturing all the spectacular scenes and we wanted to share a few of our favourites.

Anthony Morris sent in a stunning selection of wildlife images taken at Farmoor Reservoir.

Herald Series:

The talented photographer's bird snaps were some of our stand outs, with a barn owl caught in mid flight and a male reed bunting perched perfectly camouflaged full of impressive detail.

An image of a flock of snow geese flying was also particularly striking, with the animals and their dark wings cutting across the shot.

Other creature captures we liked included a squirrel reaching precariously across to reach a bird feeder.

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The image was taken in Matt Hancock's Lower Heyford garden on a Sunday morning.

There have also been lots of photographs of the changing Oxfordshire countryside in recent days.

Herald Series:

We loved Michael Hooper's image of the sun shining over the last of the snow at Oxford's South Park, and snow-covered fields looking like a pristine white blanket by Christine Crook.

Despite the snow and cold weather there have been plenty of signs of spring with a patch of snowdrops in Chilton captured by Bob Girling.

Lee Talbot, meanwhile, shared a spectacular sunset scene featuring a boat in the foreground with an explosion of orange and yellow filling the sky and water behind.

Herald Series:

It hasn't all been about nature though and we really enjoyed John Herron's image of an unusually peaceful Westgate Centre.

The picture was taken at sunrise while Mr Herron was visiting the gym.

James Ruderford also shared an Oxford scene of a cyclist riding through the city, while there was plenty of moody mist in Jaime Smith's picture of a sports centre in Headington.

This week's theme is 'love' and scenes of romance have already started filling the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page.

A full spread of our favourite's will appear in Friday's paper, with the winner announced the following day.

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