In historical terms the early 21st century will probably be viewed by future generations as a time of great change. There will be many reasons but one will certainly be the hundreds of new homes and facilities that are being built to transform the Oxfordshire landscape.

To put these changes in their historical context, Wallingford Museum has chosen to launch a new special exhibition for 2019 ‘Once Upon a Time… the changing face of Wallingford’. It explores how things have been changing throughout the town’s history up to the present day and gives plenty of opportunity to have fun exploring the past.

A fascinating series of aerial views of the town from the 1920s to 2018 highlight the growth of the town, giving a great challenge to spot the differences, even if you don’t know Wallingford well!

The Market Place has been the heart of Wallingford since Saxon times, but how much has it changed? Large-scale plans and a series of photographs enable you to trace some of the gradual alterations and understand the joys and pitfalls of historical research! It will probably also make you want to look much more closely at the Market Place the next time you are there!

Archaeology is another source for understanding change which is explored in the exhibition. Only recently, evidence of houses dating to around the time of the Norman Conquest was discovered under the old Police Station site, while the new development at Winterbrook and to the west of the town has enabled archaeologists to reveal substantial information about the pre-town history of Bronze Age and Iron Age settlers.

Ordinary everyday objects have changed greatly over the course of time, so the visitor is encouraged to take a trail round the museum, seeking out various examples of objects that have altered over time. Along the way there are several new ‘hands-on’ experiences and ‘smellies’ which can be enjoyed by young and old – a great opportunity for families to have fun while reminiscing and sharing memories. We’ll also be happy to hear anything you can tell us!

The photographs shown here are just a little taster. There is so much more to see at Wallingford Museum, opening on March 1st. An annual adult ticket costs just £5 and children are free.

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