A FORMER pupil shared stories from his extraordinary life of adventure at the Oxfordshire school he attended 80 years ago.

Malcolm Metcalf was evacuated to Dry Sandford, near Abingdon, in 1939 at the start of the Second World War from Gorleston in Norfolk with his family.

The 85-year-old and his twin brother Trevor would make an annual return to the village, which Mr Metcalf has continued since his brother's death in 2015.

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He said: "I have such fond memories of my time here, it was one of the best periods of my life and so it is always so nice to come back and visit."

This time he came with a copy of his book 'My Adventurous Life' which he shared with pupils from Dry Sandford Primary School on Thursday.

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In it he writes about his time in the village as well as his later travels everywhere from the US and Australia to India and Afghanistan.

To find out how to get a copy of the self-published book email 43ironhorse@gmail.com.