AN anti-Brexit campaigner hiked through Oxfordshire as part of a 200 mile walk from Swansea to London.

'People's Vote' campaigner Ed Sides, who is in his 60s, passed through Didcot and near Wantage, before reaching Henley on Monday. Mr Sides, who has lived in five EU countries, will join today's march in London.

He says that he is driven by his annoyance about Brexit and the way that it is being handled by the UK government.

Mr Sides also sees it as a chance to listen to people along the route, whatever their views on Brexit.

He explained: “Leaving the EU would be the biggest decision in a generation, and a lot has changed since the referendum nearly three years ago.

"In my view, there is no deal we can get which is better than the one we have, as EU members. But we should let the people decide, now that we know the real options, not just campaign slogans”

Listening to different views on Brexit will be a central part of the walk for Ed, as it has been when he has been campaigning for the Swansea for Europe group.

Anne-Marie Simpson, of Peoples Vote Didcot and Wallingford, said, ‘We are very pleased to be able to support Ed on his long journey, and interested to hear about the reactions he encounters along the way.”

Pro-leave campaigners say we have already had a 'People's Vote' and should respect the first referendum result.