A FORMER town council leader has been criticised for sending 'misogynistic, derogatory and sexist' tweets.

Didcot town councillor Charlie Robertson, who represents the Ladygrove ward, said martial arts star Maycee Barber was a 'big bad booty babe' on Sunday morning.

Herald Series:

When challenged on his 'demeaning words' by fellow Twitter users, Mr Robertson refused to back down.

He wrote: "She's got a fat arse and the word 'babe' is complimentary.

"If I said she was a 'munter' or 'pig' it would indeed be demeaning."

The self-described 'UFC enthusiast', who was not answering the phone this morning, has still not deleted the tweets despite continuing to be criticised.

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The Twitter account OxTweets said he had some 'interesting, sexist views'.

Mr Robertson had a short-lived spell as leader of the council in 2016 but was ousted in a secret ballot due to lack of experience.