A graffiti artist has been tagging walls and buildings around Abingdon town centre.

Following an increase in the number of graffiti incidents in Oxford, Abingdon now has its own graffiti problem, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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The graffiti artist has sprayed what appears to be the tag ONI on the side of the Poundland store in Bath Street and at several other locations in the Stratton Way area.

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It is understood that town council leader Mike Badcock has seen the graffiti tags and is consulting the town clerk on the best possible course of action before the problem gets worse.

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In January police in Oxford asked residents for their help to combat 'an increase in graffiti'.

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The force said they were aware of a rise in the number of incidents in Jericho and the north and west of the city.

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The appeal was the latest in a series of crackdowns on the problem, and followed a series of complaints late last year.

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In December 2017, Oxford City Council declared 'a new war' on graffiti, following a sharp rise in the number of reports.

Earlier this month Nazi swastikas appeared on a wall at Cheney School in Headington and two teenage boys were quizzed by police.