A STRANGE smell that has been likened to both manure and cigarette smoke has been baffling residents in Abingdon today.

Samuel Pilgrim got in touch this morning to say the unpleasant odour was 'filling the whole town'.

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He said: "There seems to be a strange smell around Abingdon today, which I noticed at 7.20am after leaving my house.

"It’s quite concerning and everyone on the bus seems to be talking about it."

Kirsten Allsworth, meanwhile, said: "I was on my way to work driving past Abingdon on the A34 and you could smell it for a good 10 minutes after Abingdon. It smelled like bins were on fire!"

Several people also got in touch via Twitter to confirm they too had experienced the foul smell, including former Oxford Mail reporter Michael Race who said it had the distinct whiff of manure.

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Another likened it more to the smell of cigarette smoke. 

Do you know where the smell is coming from or have you experienced it too? Get in touch here