KING Alfred's Academy says its annual careers convention was a 'resounding success', as hundreds of students talked to businesses about their futures.

Last Wednesday's event was supported by 50 contributors, including professionals, training providers and former students, who took the opportunity to return to the school to and share knowledge and experiences.

Sue Cronin, the Wantage school's careers and work experience manager, said: "These events can have such a positive impact on our young people, and I was proud of the way they all made the most of the opportunity to engage fully in the experience.

"It was lovely to have the support of some of our local SME’s such as Plasticgoldfish, Warren Brown Creative, Hazel Interiors, Allistar Godfrey Architects, SOFEA and Hero’s’ along with our larger employers such as William F1, CCFE, STFC, The NHS and The Services."

St Modwen and Bellingers Vauxhall helped cover the cost of the event.

Dinny Shaw, St Modwen's London and South East planning manager, said: "We have been engaging with the community and meeting KA's students.

"We talked about what we do as a company... and career opportunities within the Construction and Development Industry.

She continued: "It was a fantastic experience - really great to meet all the students and understand what sort of things they are interested in and to give them advice on what opportunities are available to them.

"There were lots of different businesses there and the students were very interactive."

Year 10 student Heather Fishburn said: "It helped to see a range of career options that I didn't realise I might be interested in and I understood more about the different routes to get there and the different opportunities within companies."

Fellow year 10 Holly Silver, who hopes to become a police officer, added: "The event was very beneficial because it told me what grades I need.

"I got to speak with many colleges, universities and some community police officers."