CONCERNS about drugs in a Didcot church car park have been raised with one resident claiming they have seen dealing 'every night for the past month'.

A post on the Facebook page Spotted Didcot attracted almost 100 comments earlier this week after it raised the alarm about a growing problem in St Peter's Church car park.

The anonymous resident wrote: "Every night for the past month has been drug dealings. These are not just kids or bored teens, these are "grown" men. Reported to police several times and no action as of yet. Didcot's got a huge drug problem."

While most commenters made light of the situation at Newlands Avenue, Christine Brett responded: "I'm worried that the majority finds this funny.

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"I lost a good childhood friend due to drugs. It's very difficult for teenagers to say no when they've had a few and all your friends are all encouraging you to take drugs."

She added: "I can honestly say if we have a drug problem, I'm pleased my kids have moved away! This needs to stop. And I'm sure all parents with young teenagers want it all stopped as well."

A church representative said they had seen one suspicious car hanging around and reported it to police 'two or three weeks ago' but had not been contacted by police or residents about issues involving drug dealing.

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The church car park is surrounded by residential streets. Picture via Google Maps

They added: "We cut down a hedge and keep the car park tidy. We have done everything we can to discourage drinkers and antisocial behaviour but we can't do anything if it is not reported to us."

Councillor Ben Shaw, whose ward covers the car park, said problems with drug dealing in the area had not been raised with him but he would look into the issue.

He added: "I have heard concerns that because we are growing people are afraid that drug dealing is going to become more likely. I am sure that is the case in every growing town though."

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Des Healy, who is set to stand down as a town councillor in May, said he prided himself on keeping up to date with his ward but he had also not heard about any issues at the church.

According to the Police.UK crime map for Didcot there have been more than a dozen crimes in the area surrounding the church and its car park within the last 12 months, with the majority antisocial behaviour, violence and thefts.

None were categorised as drug related though the results are only available to the end of January.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said they could not comment without specific dates and times.