IT IS unusual that a museum would want its exhibits to be labelled crap. But that seems a fair description of Wallingford Museum's 'coprolites' display – exploring ancient human poo – which it is putting on over the Easter holidays.

It says 12 one-hour workshops will give families 'a chance to gain some hands-on experience of excavation, recording and analysing the contents of fake coprolites'.

Fossilised poo can provide evidence of past eating habits and trading of foodstuffs.

Participants will also be challenged to work out which time period the specimens are from.

The museum says it expects the workshops to be popular and that children must attend with an adult.

The workshops, which started on Tuesday, will run on April 11, 16 and 18.

For tickets to the free workshops, visit

Accompanying adults will be requested to pay an admission charge of £5.