AN OXFORD Mail Camera Club member has snapped a flock of ducklings swanning around in Wallingford.

The group of 10 fluffy birds were patiently enjoying the April sunshine at the town's hospital.

‎Camera Club's Melanie Burns‎ said that the young mallards are a yearly fixture at the venue - and there is more to the tale than you might expect.

Captioning the shot, she explained: "A gathering of baby ducklings: every year their mother visits Wallingford Community Hospital to lay her eggs.

"They are then given a paddling pool and water where they stay until mum walks them down to the river nearby.

"It truly is a wonderful sight to see, and one which we all look forward to year after year."

The yellow and brown creatures, who Melanie believes were only two weeks old when the shot was taken, seem quite content sitting down on paving stones in the hospital's grounds.

Mother ducks are notoriously caring and protective of their young and are often seen leading a line of their offspring on land or in water.

This group's mum, whose beak appears to be just in shot to the left of her ducklings, has been seen making the trip to water for years - and become a firm favourite with hospital staff and patients, Melanie explained.

The South Central Ambulance Service care assistant added that the mum has been coming to the hospital for at least the previous five years.

She said: "My crew mate and I always go and show the patients the ducklings first. They are spoilt, having their own swimming pool."