A RENEWABLE energy cooperative is hoping to bring more people to its solar and wind farm by building a new visitor centre.

The Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust has submitted a planning application to build two yurts, a toilet block and a cycle shelter on its site in Watchfield, near the Oxfordshire and Wiltshire border.

If given permission, the new centre would be the first covered space on the site, allowing the charity to stage exhibitions and educational events.

It would be sited close to the wind farm and solar panels and have capacity to welcome 75 guests.

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The 30-acre site has been operating since 2008 and is believed to be one of the first and largest cooperatively owned renewable energy sites in the UK.

It has more than 1,500 members and currently generates enough electricity to power 1,600 homes every year.

It is hoped that the introduction of the new visitor centre could increase the number of visitors from the 600 expected this year to 3,000 per year by 2022.

It will also allow events to be held during the winter months and during bad weather with the yurts featuring underfloor heating.

Two part time jobs will be created to organise public events once the new centre has been completed.

The application is open for consultation until April 27.