A UNIQUE take on a classic Easter treat is going down egg-cellently in Abingdon.

Battered Cadbury Creme Eggs have been flying off the counter at Reeves Fish & Chips on Ock Street since the business began selling them for £1.20 each on Tuesday.

Today, the Oxford Mail visited to sink our teeth into the bizarre delicacy and find out what all the fuss was about.

Analita Andrade, who runs the chip shop, admitted the idea actually came from a sweet-toothed admin on the Facebook page, Spotted: Abingdon.

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She said: "They requested a Creme Egg over Easter. I bought a box and tried it out and it worked out fine.

"So I messaged them to say they were available and they advertised them on the Facebook page.

"Lots of people think the idea is disgusting, but the first person that tried it was my potato supplier and he enjoyed it."

The secret to the perfect battered Creme Egg is to first wet the chocolate, before covering it in flour and dipping it in batter, before submerging the confection in the fryer.

Like many people, we were sceptical, but the treat simply tastes like a warmer Creme Egg - although it is incredibly filling.

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Ms Andrade, from Abingdon, already deep-fries Mars, Snickers and Bounty bars and is now keen to keep selling the Creme Eggs beyond the original end date of Easter Monday.

The 28-year-old has her eye on cooking a Crunchie in the fryer, but admits there are some items she would prefer left un-battered.

She said: "Spotted: Abingdon requested I put a mince pie in batter for Christmas, but I'm not so sure."