A PERSON was cut out of a car after it crashed head on with a car yesterday evening in Kirtlington.

A crew from Bicester fire station were the first to arrive at the scene on the A4085 at Akeman Street Junction.

There were five casualties, including a person who was trapped in their car, and a family of four were outside of the car when the fire service arrived.

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Crews had to carry out a full roof removal using hydraulic cutting equipment and removed part of the hedgerow to allow paramedics access to carry out treatment, before getting the person out.

Thames Valley Police, South Central Ambulance and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Land response crew all attended the incident, which closed the road between Kirtlington and Upper Heyford for most of the evening.

Watch Manager Pete Mackay from Bicester Fire Station said: "Crews were faced with a challenging rescue, and the first crew were fortunately on scene extremely quickly in order to render first aid and prepare to extricate the casualty.

"This incident is a stark reminder during our Fatal Four campaign, that over 90 per cent of road traffic collisions like this are down to human error and are avoidable. We would urge everyone to look at information on our website to learn more about these and simply remember – it’s not worth the risk."

For information go to http://www.365alive.co.uk/cms/