PUPILS from Wantage's King Alfred's Academy have buried a time capsule on the site of their old school.

Children from the school buried the capsule at the Bovis Homes development, East Gate, on Friday.

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The project is located on an old King Alfred’s site and - 'to pay homage to the school', Bovis invited a number of students to help bury a time capsule, which will only be opened in 50 years’ time.

Herald Series:

The children placed items which they use on a daily basis and left a video message for future generations to watch.

The Year 7 and 8 group, who are all in the Humanities afterschool club, selected a variety of everyday school objects, including a school newsletter, text books and a homework planner. They also wrote a letter which discussed their daily life and also touched on current issues, such as the drive to reduce the use of plastics.

Bovis Homes did not reveal what items it placed in the capsule.

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Stephanie Spry, Marketing Manager for the Western Region, said: "This was a fabulous event and something we hope the school children will remember.

"It was a special event which will mark a moment in time.

"It also links with the opening of our two new fantastic show homes which will be opening to the public on the 5th May."

Year 8 student Lauren Davies said: “It was difficult to find lots of objects – but we went around the whole school to collect them.

"I don’t think children will be using planners in 50 years’ time – I think this will be really different. Instead of having these notebooks, students will probably have a handheld electronic device to write down their homework and see their class timetable.”