TRAVELLERS who remain on a Didcot housing estate are continuing to cause problems on neighbouring roads.

Around nine caravans are still occupying part of the Great Western Park site for a second week.

It was thought that the group had moved on at the weekend, when caravans were spotted on the Harwell Campus, but Gareth Clarke, the chairman of the residents' association, said more have now appeared.

Taylor Wimpey, who own the land, had begun the clean up when extra caravans arrived, according to Mr Clarke.

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It is not known whether the group are new arrivals or the same group returning to the land they previously pledged to stay on 'as long as possible'.

Mr Clarke said the residents' association has had various reports of horses roaming free in the road, nearly causing traffic accidents, on Monday evening.

They are also calling on Thames Valley Police to take a more active approach to policing the encampment, rather than leaving it as a civil matter for Taylor Wimpey to deal with.

A poll conducted on the association's website has also demonstrated public backing for 'physical measures' to be installed to prevent future illegal encampments from being set up.

After being live for a day, 93 per cent of 200 residents were in favour of the estate getting more protection against traveller groups.

Fears have also been raised that open public space on the forthcoming Valley Park estate, set to be built next to Great Western Park, could be vulnerable to occupation.

Taylor Wimpey has been urged to plan ahead to look at how to keep the site secure.

Birds of prey, heavy machinery and tree cutting equipment were seen on the site when the Oxford Mail visited last week but a woman told this paper the group 'didn't wish to cause any bother.'