A WOMAN who claims she was sexually touched as a young teenager said she 'never even dreamed' of telling police.

The trial of 60-year-old Mark Fysh continued at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, with the jury watching a video interview of the alleged victim.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: "I never ever dreamed that I would ever report it, ever.

"As far as I could see, there's no evidence and no witnesses. It's his word against mine."

She said the trigger was finding out that Fysh, who denies seven counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child, was in a position 'where potentially he may have access to other children'.

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She added: "I suddenly thought that I do want to make sure that he can't get away with doing it again.

"I was just going to remain anonymous but I was pushed into giving my name and his name, and it just felt absolutely the right thing to do."

Fysh, of Whitecross, Wootton, has cerebral palsy and watched from a specialist armchair in court as the allegations were made.

The woman, who was under 16 at the time, claims Fysh touched her sexually over her clothing and forced her to rub his genitals on multiple occasions between November 1985 and November 1987, at his then-home in the Grove area.

He denies this and the case continues.