ROADS and public spaces remain unfinished almost a year after a home owner complained his new estate had been ‘abandoned’ by the developer.

Anthony Coates, who lives in Walnut Meadow, Drayton, with partner Melania Rios and young daughter Sienna moved into his house in June 2017 but was beset by problems from the start.

A statement from developer Miller Homes in July last year following Mr Coates’ complaining to the Oxford Mail had said work was ‘progressing as planned in the public areas’ and was set to be ‘completed in due course’.

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But the 37-year-old said the estate was still a 'mess' adding: “Things haven't improved at all in a year, if anything they've got worse. I’ve just got a new job in the south west so ideally I’d be looking to sell but that just isn’t going to happen with the way things look at the moment.”

Talking about his experience last year he said: “We were sold a dream in the brochure but it hasn’t lived up to that at all.”

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Unfinished roads as they looked in July last year. Picture Ed Nix

A spokesperson for Miller Homes responding to Mr Coates' most recent complaints said contractors were currently on site completing 'remedial works' and this included minor works to the sports pitches and works to the roads, including final resurfacing.

All are due to be completed by the end of May.

They added: “We will look to begin hand over of the pitch areas to the Parish Council at this time. Additionally, we are in discussions with Oxford County Council about completing works to the entrance of the development.

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Explaining delays they said: “There have been various elements involved in undertaking and completing the work, including surveys, inspections and legal agreements, and a number of third parties involved, including the Parish Council, County Council and service providers, which has added to the complexity and time scales involved for achieving completion.

"We understand our customers’ frustration and wish to apologise and to reassure them that we are committed to completing all of the remedial work and are working closely with the other parties involved in order to achieve this as soon as possible.”

The developer also has properties for sale in Oxfordshire in Wallingford, Bloxham and Banbury.