A POLLING station in Abingdon caused confusion for voters today by calling on some people to pick too many candidates.

According to a resident who raised the alarm, Trinity Church had posters around the booths this morning telling people to vote for four candidates in the town council elections.

ELECTION DAY: Everything you need to know

However two polling stations - one covering Abingdon Caldecott ward and the other Abingdon Fitzharris Ock ward, are based in the church, with the latter only having two vacancies to vote for.

This is due to the different size of the wards.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: "My concern is that some people may have been confused and picked too many candidates and possibly spoiled their ballot."

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Describing the incident as 'pretty poor', he added: "I was the first person to have picked up on the problem but that means for three and a quarter hours the posters were up."

He said the issue has now been reported to Vale of White Horse District Council's election team and the posters had been removed.

A spokesperson for the council said: "We’d like to thank the resident for alerting our staff that there was an incorrect notice at a polling station running multiple elections.

"As soon as it was pointed out, our polling staff replaced the notice. 

"Each ballot paper clearly states how many candidates to vote for and we do not believe anyone else was affected by this error.”

Residents across Oxfordshire are voting in district and town council elections today, with polls open until 10pm.