A HOUSING developer will encourage residents on its latest estate to do anything other than use their own car, in order to battle congestion.

Cala homes has revealed it will try to get people to walk, cycle, use public transport or even other people's cars on its new 241-home estate in Benson.

The company hired experts at Mode Transport Planning to prepare the 'travel plan' for the new estate, which helpfully reveals: "Walking is a healthy low cost, non-polluting mode of transport that is available to most people."

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The report goes on: "Walking plays a significant role in an integrated transport system and as a sustainable smarter travel choice and offers the opportunity to deliver a quick, effective modal shift," and reveals that: "Walking will be encouraged, particularly for journeys of less than one mile."

See the full report at southoxon.gov.uk using reference number P19/S1405/DIS