A SCHOOL where pupils 'fizz with excitement' about learning has been labelled 'outstanding.'

Ofsted has bestowed its highest possible rating upon Stockham Primary School in Wantage, raving about its approach to education in a new report.

The 212-pupil school was described as ‘very humane and nurturing’ and was said to do ‘everything possible’ to protect the most vulnerable pupils.

Ofsted's report, published last week following inspection in March, stated: "The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.

"The atmosphere in school is exceptionally positive, and a tremendous energy permeates throughout the school.

"Pupils ‘fizz’ with excitement about what they have just learned or are about to learn."

The report said pupils are ‘extremely motivated to learn’ thanks to teachers’ ‘enthusiasm and commitment’.


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It added: “The school’s curriculum has been expertly planned and sequenced.

“Curriculums for individual subjects have been imaginatively designed and thoughtfully implemented.

“As a result, pupils’ horizons are extended and their intellectual curiosity is aroused.”

Stockham Primary School, in Stockham Way, had previously been rated 'good' by Ofsted and this time was rated 'outstanding' in all assessment areas.

Although all staff were credited for their efforts in stepping up to the top standard, headteacher Ruth Burbank in particular was singled out for her ‘unwavering determination’.

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The report said: “The headteacher, with steely determination, has systematically improved the school.

“She has raised expectations and created an environment which enables all pupils to flourish, including those who have to overcome additional barriers to succeed in their learning.

“The headteacher has instilled staff with a sense of urgency and moral purpose.”

Mrs Burbank’s approach to safeguarding was also commended.


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The inspector wrote: “She tenaciously follows up on any [safeguarding] referrals made to the local authority and has, on occasion, challenged the authority about the decisions welfare officers have made."

Pupils' achievement was said to be very high due to 'top-notch teaching, impressive support systems and high expectations.'

Early years classes were hailed as 'remarkably harmonious and orderly' while the early years leader was praised for closely monitoring any gaps in children's learning.

Ofsted said teaching assistants 'make a superb contribution to children’s learning.'

Outside of the classroom, the watchdog said the extracurricular activities on offer were led by a teacher who is ‘unyielding in her determination to ensure that all pupils, especially those with SEND and other additional needs, access these opportunities.’

It added that sports funding is used ‘exceptionally well’ and governors are 'passionate' and 'play a crucial role in promoting the inclusive and aspirational ethos of the school.'

Mrs Burbank said she is 'so proud' of the school's achievement.