We are almost at the end of May, well into the growing season for all you gardeners.

Sustainable Wallingford's Incredible Edible project at Wallingford and Benson libraries is well under way, with plants that have been grown from seed as well as a few that were donated.

Thank you to all who did the growing and donated – the third planter is soon to arrive and to be planted up.

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We are making progress laying the path around the planters. We want this to be suitable for all, including wheelchair users.

Incredible Edible is a community food project to create fruit and vegetable gardens that are attractive and productive, organic and wildlife-friendly.

It also aims to bring people in the area together through local food and gentle exercise, in this case visiting the libraries and pausing to meet.

As the food grows and is ready to pick, please do take a little and leave some for other passersby.

If you see us there, please stop to talk – perhaps even come along to help.

Throughout the year, help will be needed to keep the planters well watered and weed-free and plant new fruit and veg.

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Currently, we have lettuce which is now ready for you to take – get it before it bolts.

There are also radishes, beetroot, broad beans and runner beans which will be ready in a short while. It’s exciting to see all the green leaves poking through as everything begins to grow.

A couple of old tyres were rescued from the dump. In those we have rhubarb, sorrel, mint, marjoram and mixed salad leaves coming up.

There is also a baby plum tree, and more surprises will be in the new planters soon.

I can’t wait to see everything growing up over the coming months.

All this gardening activity has also inspired me.

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I recently got some pallets and planks of wood from freecycle which was originally destined to be my firewood, but the growing bug has bitten and with the help of a friend, I am making a veg trug.

Did you know there are plans on how to make one on YouTube? Even with measurements.

It is almost done now and I am excited to be soon growing my own veg in it. It will be so much easier than the three days it usually takes me to dig up enough space in the garden each year to grow the veg I like.

We look forward to seeing you at the planters at both libraries.